Readyset CLI

Readyset is made up of the following core components:

Readyset ServerTakes a snapshot of your database, listens to the database's replication stream for updates, and keeps queries cached in an in-memory dataflow graph.
Readyset AdapterHandles connections from SQL clients and ORMs, forwards uncached queries to the upstream database, and runs cached queries against the Readyset Server.

This page introduces the readyset commands for running these components, as well as information about environment variables that can be used in place of certain command options.



Start the Readyset Server and Adapter as a single process (with the --standalone option), or start the Readyset Adapter as a distinct process from the Readyset Server.


Start the Readyset Server, when running the Readyset Adapter as a distinct process.

Environment variables

For many common readyset and readyset-server options, you can set environment variables once instead of manually passing the flags each time you execute commands.

  • To find out which flags support environment variables, see the documentation for each command.
  • To output the current configuration of Readyset and other environment variables, run env.
  • When a command uses environment variables, the variable names are printed to the command's logs.

Readyset prioritizes command flags, environment variables, and defaults as follows:

  1. If a flag is set for a command, Readyset uses it.
  2. If a flag is not set for a command, Readyset uses the corresponding environment variable.
  3. If neither the flag nor environment variable is set, Readyset uses the default for the flag.
  4. If there's no flag default, Readyset returns an error.