Step 1 - Install Readyset

Install Readyset

These guides walk you through the process for downloading, configuring, and running Readyset using Docker or using a Debian binary for Linux. For production workloads, we recommend using the Linux binary.

Database Requirements

For Readyset to work properly, the following database settings are required:

  1. Logical replication must be turned on in your database
  2. Readyset must have superuser permissions

For directions on how to check and alter these configurations, please see our database reference documentation. The steps to configure these settings vary by database type and hosting provider.

Supported Database Versions

Database TypeVersionsSupport Level

Supported Hosting Providers

Hosting ProviderSupport Level
AWS AuroraBeta
Azure SQL DatabaseAlpha

Beta support conveys that Readyset is routinely tested in those contexts.

Alpha support conveys that Readyset has previously been validated to work in those contexts, but we don't actively check for regressions.


If you experience any issues, please reach out to us in Slack (opens in a new tab) or open a Github issue (opens in a new tab). We will help you troubleshoot.