Connect an application via an ORM

Connect an application via an ORM

To connect an application to Readyset, simply swap your application's connection string to the Readyset connection string.

Support Levels

There are three levels of support Readyset provides for external drivers.

✅ Verified

The Readyset team has validated that the ORM can connect to and cache queries from Readyset as of the version specified.

If you encounter an issue with a Verified ORM, open an issue on GItHub.

🏗️ In Development

We've identified the ORM as one we'd like to support and are actively working on supporting it in the future.

⚠️ Unverified

This ORM has not been tested by the Readyset team. Many untested ORMs will still work with Readyset out of the box.

We're happy to help your team validate a new ORM with Readyset - file an issue on GitHub and we'll investigate.

ORM Support

DriverSupported?Minimum versionTutorial
DriverSupported?Minimum versionTutorial
Rails 55.2.4
Rails with Readyset
Rails 77.0.8Rails with Readyset