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ReadySet: next-generation SQL caching, freely available

Introducing ReadySet

A few months ago, we announced that we’re building ReadySet, the next generation of SQL caching.

ReadySet connects to an upstream Postgres or MySQL instance, automatically maintaining a cache for specific queries by listening to the database replication stream. Rather than forcing developers to switch to a key-value store or copy their database to a new provider for high performance, ReadySet adds an ultra-low latency cache to your existing database.

We believe there’s a future where developers won’t need to write their own complex, error-prone caching layers.

To get them there, we’re releasing ReadySet, a freely available version of ReadySet that you can run anywhere from your own laptop to any cloud provider, on as many nodes as you need.

You can connect ReadySet to your database and start caching queries in less than five minutes by using the ReadySet orchestrator. Click here to get started.

Interested in what’s behind the curtains? The source code for ReadySet (written entirely in Rust!) is now available under the BSL license, converting to a fully open-source Apache license after four years. Check it out here.

If you want to chat about ReadySet or just trade dog pics, come hang out with us in our Slack community.

What’s next?

ReadySet is under active development. Our team is hard at work building out ReadySet Cloud, our fully-managed cloud product. Interested in trying it out? Sign up for our Cloud Waitlist today!

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Alana Marzoev
Alana Marzoev