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Medical Joyworks Improves Page Load Times by 500% With ReadySet

About Medical Joyworks

Medical Joyworks is a medical education company specializing in gamified learning, catering to a diverse audience, ranging from medical students to pharmaceutical companies. They elevate healthcare education through immersive case studies and user conversations, all seamlessly accessible via their app. Medical Joyworks also curates an active newsletter, reaching an audience of over 700,000 subscribers. 

Medical Joyworks Wanted a Custom Solution

With their subscriber list growing rapidly, Medical Joyworks turned to a custom solution for email delivery and analysis for several reasons: 

  • To configure the delivery of custom newsletter content tailored to each subscriber’s specialty interest.
  • To avoid the escalating costs associated with conventional email services (popular platforms charge upwards of $4,000/month for 200,000 contacts, and their pricing scales up for enterprise usage). 
  • To gain the flexibility of switching between various email delivery providers such as Amazon SES and Postmark, depending on real time performance. 

However, even with these advantages, the company encountered multiple challenges around tuning their database to perform well in this new context.  

The Challenges of Database Performance Optimization

The Medical Joyworks team was using Postgres and was running into slow page load times for their campaigns and contacts page, designed for administrators to analyze newsletter performance metrics. These delays were primarily attributed to:  

  • The execution of multiple complex database queries to calculate metrics like open rates and link click rates. 
  • Multiple database requests to display campaign and open rate data for each user. 

While Medical Joyworks could optimize the number of queries and introduce a different algorithm to reduce page load times, implementation would demand weeks of effort, straining the team’s bandwidth. 

Instead, they had ReadySet up and running in 15 minutes, improving page load times by 500%. 

Opting for an expedited solution, Medical Joyworks implemented ReadySet, swapping out a connection string in their Laravel app’s database configuration file and deploying in about 15 minutes. 

The result? An impressive 500% improvement in page load times, achieved by caching a few queries - a process that would have taken weeks to implement manually. 

“Analysis is easier with ReadySet. When we are looking for patterns with different variables/filtering options, the pages load much faster.” 

By introducing ReadySet into their stack, Medical Joyworks has found a solution for a faster and more efficient analysis of vital newsletter delivery data for their expanding user base of 700,000 subscribers. Whether it’s refining open rates to contacts within specific specialties or examining various other metrics, page loads are now consistently snappy due to their usage of ReadySet. 

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