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May Product Updates

May is over, the days are getting hotter, and it’s time for an update on what we’ve been shipping at Readyset! Let’s take a look at what’s changed since April:

Readyset Query Support is Expanding

Readyset has partnered with some of the largest MySQL and Postgres shops in the world to continue expanding our query support. 

We want to continue partnering with users to ensure Readyset is compatible with the queries you want to cache. 

If you’ve been testing or considering using Readyset, meet with our engineering team to discuss your use case and have direct influence on our compatibility roadmap. Spots are limited. 


Check out our recent blog posts:

  • MySQL 5.7 EOL: The end of MySQL query cache: With MySQL 5.7 end-of-life went support for some of the earlier functionality of MySQL. One of the features on the chopping block was MySQL Query Cache. Learn why MySQL Query Cache has been deprecated and what solutions are now available for MySQL caching.
  • MySQL 8.4 - What is new?: MySQL 8.0 is known for its innovative pace, introducing new breaking changes in minor releases within the 8.0 series. On April 30th, the first Long Term Support release was announced. Let’s have a look at what is new in comparison to the previous 8.0.
  • Getting Started with Django, PostgreSQL, and Readyset: In this guide, you will explore end-to-end how to set up a Django application integrated with Readyset using Docker. 
  • MySQL: Binary Log Transaction Compression: MySQL 8.0.20 introduced a binary log transaction compression feature designed to save storage space and reduce network bandwidth usage by applying compression to each transaction. Now, Readyset users can benefit from MySQL Binary Log Transaction Compression support. 

Product Updates

Readyset Cloud

  • Released a comprehensive redesign of the navigation and dashboard experience to enhance the UI and provide a more intuitive experience.

Readyset core

  • Added query caching support for TRUNCATE TABLE statements in MySQL.
  • Added query caching support for MEDIUMINT column types in MySQL.
  • Enhanced WHERE IN query support so you can cache queries using parameters in WHERE IN clauses, even when your query includes aggregations.
  • Improved MySQL replicator performance: The replicator now checks table positions every 10 seconds, making restarts faster by reducing the amount of data to re-stream.
  • Updated terminology (MySQL 8.4): The replicator’s terminology is now compatible with MySQL LTS 8.4.
  • Binlog transaction compression support (MySQL): MySQL can now compress binlong events and Readyset can decompress and process these events efficiently. 

Check out the full release here.

Savings on Network Bandwidth and Storage Space with MySQL and Readyset

Readyset now supports MySQL Binlog Transaction Compression. This allows for significant savings in storage and network bandwidth by dynamically applying ZSTD compression to transactions. 

As part of this work, Readyset engineers contributed by adding support for it into the MySQL Rust driver, which now can be used by the broad Rust community. 

To learn more about how this works, check out this blog.

Request Features

Keen to use Readyset but your database or cloud environment are not supported? Reach out to support@readyset.io and let us know.

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