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Database caching in 10 minutes with Readyset and Helm

TL;DR: You can now deploy Readyset to Kubernetes, via Helm, and start caching your database in minutes.

Introducing Fast Deployment with Helm and Readyset

Database caching can work wonders. By keeping a small, frequently accessed working set of a database in memory, a cache can offload queries from the backing database, slash access time latencies, and make applications fly.

Prior to Readyset, setting up a database cache came at a high cost. To get zippy data access, developers needed to rewrite their queries and their applications to use a simpler, key-value access language instead of SQL. Caches only work if the hottest data is in them - meaning the arduous task of deciding how and when to evict and refresh data from the cache also falls on engineering teams.

Effortless Caching with Readyset

Begin Caching with a Single Line of Code

Readyset transforms the burden of caching into a one-line code change. Our smart, dataflow-based engine automatically caches SQL queries and handles eviction and cache refreshing for you. Integrating Readyset takes minutes and only requires changing your database connection string - compared to weeks of development time to implement a traditional cache.

This past summer, we made the Readyset caching engine open-source to help get it into the hands of more developers. One point of feedback we got was to make the deployment process less manual.

Today, we’re excited to do just that. We’re launching a Helm chart that can deploy Readyset to your cloud environment running Kubernetes. With Readyset’s drop-in caching, it’s now possible to deploy an entire Readyset cluster and start caching queries within minutes.

By using the Helm chart for Readyset, you can easily configure several variables in your Readyset deployments, including:

  • The number of nodes in your Readyset deployment
  • The size of your instances in your cluster
  • The type of your backing database

If you'd like to test out Readyset on your own machine, check out our quickstart guide here.

We’re continuing to work to make Readyset as easy to use as possible. Don’t want to worry about running your own Kubernetes clusters? Sign up for Readyset Cloud, which can cache your database with just the swap of a connection string.

Happy caching!

About Readyset: Performant SQL Caching Engine

Readyset is a SQL caching engine that helps you build performant, real-time applications without any code changes or switching databases. We're obsessed with making the cache we've always wanted as developers. Start caching queries today with Readyset Cloud, or self-host our open-source product, Readyset Core.

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Alana Marzoev