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February Product Updates

Readyset Cloud Now Available for AWS Postgres

Readyset Cloud is now available for AWS Postgres users.

When using Readyset Cloud, you can expect a drop-in integration and support for caching complex queries and automatically keeping the result sets up-to-date. 

To get started, create an account here.

Interactive Cloud Demo

If you want to test out Readyset Cloud without connecting to your own database, you can use our demo database. Try it out here.


New Blog Roundup

We're Hiring!

Readyset is growing, and we're looking for another Senior/Staff Software Engineer to join our team of database lovers. Check out the role here and apply if it's a match. 🤝

Request Features

Keen to use Readyset but your database or cloud environment are not supported? Reach out to support@readyset.io and let us know.

Get Involved

We love hearing from you! If you want to get involved with Readyset, you can:

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