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August Product Updates

The summer is winding down, but our team has been hard at work on a new release and some other goodies. Here’s what we’ve been up to this month:

What’s New

  • Expanded query support
    • IN and NOT IN expressions with subqueries on the right-hand side in the projected field list (07ef2a8)
    • WHERE clause containing NOT IN with subqueries on the right-hand side (3c87547)
    • WHERE clause containing IN with subqueries on the right-hand side (380b258)
  • Performance & memory usage optimizations
    • Improved performance of Postgres cached query response encoding (e662a9d)
  • Usability improvements
    • Better error message and guidance for passwords that include special characters (e166f17)
    • --query-log and --query-log-ad-hoc are now enabled by default if --prometheus-metrics is set, effectively enabling all query metrics by default if metrics are enabled (66b4a54)

New OSS Libary + Blog: Stateful Property Testing in Rust

When we couldn’t find a stateful property testing framework for Rust we had to develop our own. We’ve now released our framework as a general purpose OSS library, called proptest-stateful. Check out our blog post describing our approach and some of the subtle bugs we’ve discovered with it.

Get Involved

There are a few ways you can help contribute to ReadySet:

  • Tackle one of our newcomer issues, perfect for familiarizing yourself with the code base.
  • Report and issue of submit a feature request on Github.
  • See some of the planned work around usability improvements and stabilization on our updated Project Roadmap.

Community Spotlight

Shout out to Marcelo Altmann, who in the last week has submitted these PRs:

Thank you for your amazing contributions, Marcelo!

Open Roles

If you're interested in joining the ReadySet team, please take a look at our open roles below and apply if you feel there's a match. We are a fully remote company with employees across the US.

That's all for now– until next month!

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