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April Product Updates

This month's newsletter features some exciting news and updates from our community.

We're excited to hear what you think! Please share your feedback in our community Discord or on Twitter (@readysetio).

🎓 Systems Distributed 2023: Why Caching Is Hard

This past February, systems programming fanatics from around the world gathered in Cape Town, South Africa for the inaugural Systems Distributed conference.

Our CEO, Alana Marzoev, gave a talk on caching, why it's hard, how engineering teams approach the associated challenges, and how ReadySet aims to alleviate these pain points. Check it out!

🖥️ Node Congress 2023: Conference Recap

The ReadySet team was in Berlin meeting users and putting on a virtual workshop on how to scale up database-backed applications using ReadySet.

You can watch a rerun of the talk or grab the code yourself on GitHub. Happy caching!

👷 Product changelog

We shipped a number of product improvements this past month:  

SCRAM-SHA-256. ReadySet can now authenticate with secure mechanisms besides the plaintext mechanism.

Client-side TLS. ReadySet now supports TLS both between the database client and the server as well as between ReadySet and the upstream database.

Reduced query proxying overhead. Proxied queries now take up to 80% less time than before, with a typical overhead of ~5ms versus vanilla Postgres/MySQL.

Full support for Postgres enums. We’ve expanded ReadySet’s ENUM support to include altering existing enums and custom types.

Easy upgrades. ReadySet used to require users to manually wipe the disk on upgrade.  Our new serialization format allows us to handle this automatically, reducing how often ReadySet will need to take a new snapshot of your upstream database on upgrade.

🚀 We're hiring!

Our engineering & product org is growing! If you're interested in joining the ReadySet team, please take a look at our open roles below and apply if you feel there's a match. We are a fully remote company with employees across the US, but we are not hiring internationally at this time.

See you next month!

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